Meet Rex!


This 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel- Poodle has been a patient at our clinic, Major Mackenzie Animal Hospital, for over a year now. He has been through a very difficult time the last four and half months and has the scars to prove it. His previous owners had made the decision that they wanted to put him down but Dr. Kia refused and instead, convinced the owners to sign him over to the clinic and adopted him. He became the clinic dog and all staff member’s number one priority. Rex has had to undergo multiple surgeries, had a mass removed from his neck and a severe skin infection that took over half of his body which resulted in having to remove most of the skin on his left side. It is hard to say if the fur will grow back completely over the scarring but he still remains a very handsome and fun loving pup! He has made a total transformation since he’s been with us, physically and behaviorally. In addition to his surgeries, Dr. Kia neutered, microchipped, and performed full dental work on Rex though out his duration in the clinic. Today, Rex is a new dog.

You can see the unbelievable progress that Rex made in these pictures. The first picture was taken after the lump on his neck was removed and the second picture was taken shortly after the beginning of treatment on the skin infection. The darker, almost black, colored skin is the infection attacking his body.




It was a slow and lengthy process for Rex but he pushed through with the help all staff members of major Mackenzie Animal Hospital. His skin started to grow back healthy and good as new.

Now that he has made a full recovery, it is time for him to go to his new home. We will miss him immensely and are sad to see him go but want to continue to do what is best for him, which means giving him a full time family to spend the rest of his life with. 

Introducing Rex to his new family was an exciting and emotional moment for everyone, especially Rex. The Runco family had fallen in love with him before they even met. A client that comes to our clinic with their pet knew that Rex was looking for a home and all that he had been through. They passed the story on to the Runco’s and they knew they had to have him. The Runco family came in and kept coming in to visit until they were finally able to take Rex home for good. We are excited to know that Rex will be taken care of by a kind loving family.


                                                            A true success story.